Monday, November 3, 2008

Catalyst Blockbuster Beta

I've recently begun to explore Microsoft's Silverlight 2.0 and WPF. Once I started reading up on Silverlight, I decided that creating a simple game would be a fun way to start the learning process. The first game that came to mind was Tetris.

Using Silverlight 2.0, I was able to create the following tetris-like application called Catalyst Blockbuster in about 16 hours. It is a beta version, and it does contain a few bugs. However, I have started an internal project related to this, during which I am rewriting much of the code, so I don't plan up updating this version further.

It is built on Silverlight 2.0, which can be downloaded at the following link: I am hosting this application using Silverlight Streaming, which was recently upgraded to support Silverlight 2.0.

Click here to play Catalyst Blockbuster Beta 1!

Special thanks to the author of WPFTetris from here: I browsed through his code to get an idea of how to start my application.

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