Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Silverlight 2.0 on Silverlight Streaming

I spent this afternoon trying to post my beta of Catalyst Blockbuster (a tetris-like game developed in Silverlight 2.0). However, I was unable to get the Silverlight application hosted properly, and as such I removed the post for the time being.

It turns out the issues I was having were due to problems with Silverlight Streaming. I registered for an account and followed the directions to host a Silverlight application. However, whenever I tried to display my Silerlight 2.0 application through the iframe the service provides, I kept seeing the "Install Microsoft Silverlight" placeholder. After doing some extensive googling, I found the following thread on the forums:

It turns out that Silverlight Streaming does not currently support Silverlight 2.0 applications or streams. That thread does not contain information as to when the service will be updated. When it is updated, I will post the beta of Catalyst Blockbuster!

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